About FaceBlam!

With FaceBlam! anyone can transform Facebook cover images and profile pics into one seamless photographic masterpiece. You only need to follow these three steps:

1. FACE!

Start with a photo from Facebook or take a new one and bring it into FaceBlam!

2. BLAM!

Blamify your image by cropping, scaling, rotating, positioning and selecting from an assortment of photo enhancements. Hardcore photographers can get "hands-on" by using manual controls to tweak their pics color saturation and contrast.

3. DONE!

Sit back and revel in your eye-popping FaceBlammed images that make your profile pic a cool extension of your cover image. Save the customized cover image and profile pic for a lifetime of appreciation on your personal Facebook page.

Skeptics can try the app online for free! If you feel ready to commit to FaceBlam!, you can buy the full version of the app in the iTunes store for one solitary greenback.

FaceBlam! is the brainchild of Neo-Pangea, a group of technologically inspired creatives with a passion for innovation. Neo-Pangea applies imagination, technological ingenuity and charm to projects for brands the world over.

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FaceBlam features access to your iPad camera, photo stream, Facebook integration, and more!

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